How to Create a Home Meant for Staycations

The rise of Airbnb and VRBO has many homeowners wondering if their houses could earn them additional income. Whether you’re considering renting out a property long-term, or on the occasion you’re not using it yourself, it’s important to put in the effort to turn your home into an appealing staycation destination.

Location, Location, Location

The golden rule of real estate is location. If your home isn’t in an ideal location for travelers, you might want to think again about attempting to rent it out. If you wouldn’t book your property for your birthday trip, anniversary, family getaway, what makes you think someone else would? Airbnb has shared what their customers consider priorities when selecting a rental, and the following amenities take precedence:


Guests want a rental that has a kitchen with appliances, and dishes so they can prepare their own meals without any hassle. They also want all the convenience of home, such as access to linens, onsite laundry, and air conditioning. 

Personal Touches

In addition to the essentials, travelers look for some personal touches, such as eggs from a local farm for breakfast, sports equipment for guests to borrow, or a list of nearby restaurants that deliver.


In 2018, access to a pool at an Airbnb took top ranking when it came to amenities. Following closely behind was free, onsite parking, and pet-friendly properties.

If your community includes access to a pool, walking trails, tennis courts, or skiing, it will appeal to more travelers, whether they’re coming from near or far. Ask yourself if you’d like to live or visit your neighborhood or city, and make a list of why or why not. A master-planned community, such as Cadence in Henderson Nevada, could make a great staycation destination because it offers a plethora of amenities for residents and guests; to get an idea of what people enjoy at Cadence, check out their site HERE. Another bonus of this location is that it is under 16 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, so it offers proximity to the bustling city while being a bit removed for some peace and quiet.

Things to Consider When Renting Out Your Home

Now that you have the location locked down, what can you do to ensure your staycation home has all the right fixtures and amenities inside and out? Sometimes guests will choose a rental simply because it offers a change of scenery, and not because they’re looking for a grand adventure. There are small touches you can implement to create a home meant for staycations, whether for yourself or others.

Minimize Clutter

Research shows a correlation between visual clutter and mental health. A home that is full of knickknacks or stuffed with furniture can be overstimulating. Being in a messy space, even if all the items serve a purpose, can increase cortisol production- that’s the stress hormone no one wants to bring with them on vacation! Also, a cluttered space can affect the brain’s memory function, and it can also be harder for you, or your guests, to focus when there’s a lot going on in a room.

If you plan to rent out your home for staycations, purge whatever isn’t necessary. This can be hard if your rental is your primary residence and you only rent it out on occasion. If that’s the case, designate some storage space for your personal belongings so you can create an inviting, clutter-free space for guests.

Consider the Color Palette

You may love bold colors or designs in your home, but to create a home meant for staycations, you might want to calm the colors. Colorful accents are fine in moderation, but there’s a reason luxury hotels stick to neutrals; they create a soothing ambiance and make guests feel invited. Real estate agents often recommend white, grey, and beige color schemes because they help a home feel clean, spacious, and light.

Prioritize Sleep Spaces

After a long day of travel or adventure, everyone wants a cozy spot to rest their head at night. To create a better sleep space, consider adding some simple amenities to bedrooms:

  • Air purifier

  • Bedside lamps

  • Blackout curtains

  • Ceiling fan

  • White noise machine

Be sure that anything techy has an accompanying instruction manual or cheat sheet so guests know how everything works. Is there anything worse than a complicated alarm clock that goes off early in the morning and requires a secret combination of buttons to turn off? 

Flexible Dining Areas

When guests have traveled to your staycation destination, give them the option of dining outdoors so they can truly appreciate where they are. This can be as simple as setting up chairs on your patio, deck, or lawn. If you have space for a picnic table or even a small bistro table, your guests will appreciate it. Add to the ambiance with hanging outdoor lights, by maintaining your garden plants, and offering bug repellant resources for guests such as an outdoor fan, a screened-in dining area, or providing citronella candles.

A Call Back to Functionality

As you know, Airbnb guests prioritize functionality. This should also extend to the storage spaces in your rental. You don’t have to sacrifice every closet to your guests, but you should include areas where guests can touchdown when they arrive, and when they return to the house after exploring the area. For example:

  • Provide a coat closet with hangers and shoe storage

  • If your rental is near ski slopes like the homes in Winter Park, Colorado, create a mudroom where guests can remove snow gear and store their skis or snowboards with ease

  • Leave some cupboards empty for food storage in case guests bring their own groceries for their trip

  • Provide clothing storage options in bedrooms, whether a dresser or a closet with built-in shelving

  • For pet-friendly rentals, ensure there’s a place to hang a leash and to put out dishes for food and water

  • Go overboard with hooks in the bathroom(s), especially if your rental has water access; guests will need to hang dry swimsuits and towels every day!

Don’t Skimp on Maintenance

To keep your home a desirable place for staycations, invest in its maintenance. If you have a private pool, be sure it’s cleaned regularly. Keep the outdoor furniture in tip-top shape so the pool deck provides a clean, safe place for your guests to relax.

Whether you outsource the lawn care or do it yourself, be sure you have a tidy outdoor space with blooms that complement your home’s exterior. Make arrangements for snow removal services so guests can easily access the driveway and walkways upon arrival, and for the duration of their stay.

Last, but certainly not least, invest in reliable cleaning services. Airbnb and VRBO renters are used to cleaning fees tacked on to the cost of their trip, so take advantage of that and put those fees to good use. A spic and span property is a top priority for guests, so in addition to having it cleaned before use, leave some supplies for guests to use during their stay. While not all renters are conscious of the mess they may leave behind, many will appreciate access to the essentials:

  • Broom

  • Vacuum

  • Clorox wipes

  • Dish soap/dishwasher detergent

  • Rags and paper towels

Since home rentals don’t usually include daily cleaning like a hotel might, it’s helpful to give guests what they need to clean up after themselves if they’d like.

Hopefully, these tips make your home so inviting you want to stay in it yourself! Creating the perfect staycation destination relies heavily on what you would want in a rental property, and making those must-haves a reality.