Fun Things That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

If you are dreading the school holidays because you struggle to think of fun things for the kids to do then look no further. Below we have a selection of fun activities to keep them entertained. Don’t forget that you don’t have to have something planned for each day of the holidays, your children won’t expect you to take them each and every day. However, when you do decide to go out you may want to try different things.


The first idea on the list is a movie at the local cinema. Most children and adults alike enjoy a trip out the cinema. Now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifting the cinemas are reopening. This gives you the chance to grab some snacks and watch a family film together. The cinema is also a great place to get some quiet time when the kid aren’t running around yelling at each other. 

Dont forget you can also host a movie in the comfort of your own home. You could make it fun for the kids and ‘sell’ them movie tickets and provide blankets, cushions, duvets so they can cozy up on the sofa and lose themselves in the movie. 


Another idea for you and the family is an afternoon or evening at the local bowling alley. Bowling is a great laugh and you can do it at any age. As long as you can walk with the bowling bowl or use the bowling ramps to launch the ball. A lot of bowling alleys will put on special deals for families during the week and weekend so you coud take advantage of these. One example of a deal that your local alley may have is Bowl. Dine. Unwind. Family Fun. This means that for a set price you can bowl and have a meal as well. It saves you doing the cooking when you get home and everyone has a fun time. 


If the weather is looking good one day how about a trip to the beach. You may live in the city so the kids don’t get to see the beach too often so it can be nice for them to let off some steam splashing around in the water and building sandcastles. Pack up the car, and the kids and head off for a day trip to the nearest beach. You could even make a long weekend of it and book up a motel or beach hut to stay in. 

Theme Park

Finally, if your family are well known for being adrenaline junkies then why not take a trip to a theme park. There are plenty dotted around and some are world famous. Take disney for example, if you have never been it is most certainly an experience. Even the smaller ones are super fun for all ages. They more often than not have a soft play centre attached to them so if you have little ones who can’t go on the rides then they can make use of the soft play and not miss out on any of the action. 

We hope this gives you some inspiration about how to keep the children happy and entertained over the holidays.