Mini Black Owned Haul

Hi guys, welcome to another post. I don't know why I started this off as if I'm a Youtuber. Today I wanted to switch things up and let you in on a few black-owned brands that I've been loving lately. As I'm sure you all know, I love to shop. Incorporating more "black-owned" brands into my everyday shopping has been a goal of mine, and we're gonna achieve it because I said so, ok? 

Last summer, I fell in love with Re Ona, a Canadian brand that curates high-quality basics. If I had to describe my style, I'd say it's fairly minimal and basic (aka boring, lol). Featured in the picture above is their cozy vanilla slouchy cardigan from their most recent drop. When I tell you wearing this is like being wrapped in your coziest blanket, believe that! Don't even get me started on their signature tees and tanks, a form-fitting dream. Sign up for their newsletter to score 10% off your purchase!

Spotted; the most minimalist and aesthetic pleasing edge styler by Baby Tress. I didn't know something so simple could be so high class. I actually spotted this on a "black-owned beauty" shelf at a Nordstrom in Seattle, WA, and had to have it! I was so used to using ones that you'd typically find at your local beauty supply, and let's be real, they're usually ugly and poor quality. Baby Tress has changed the game; it's doubled sided with a brush and comb, a pointed tip, and also available in six colors to choose from. Sign up for their newsletter for 15% off your purchase!

Now I think this baby right here is my grand prize. When I tell you what I went through to get my hands on this Telfar, you may think I'm crazy. You've probably seen these beauties all over IG, and they're worth the hype. "How can you be from New York and not own a Telfar" honey! Luckily after taking many L's, I was able to preorder this little one back in August, and it showed up a few weeks ahead of schedule in December. It's only been a little over a month of owning this, but I'm in love! Although it's made from vegan leather, it's really good quality and holds up well. Definitely follow them on Instagram to keep up with any updates on restocks as they're pretty hard to get, but you won't regret your purchase!