Escape to: Denver

This past weekend I took a mini trip to Colorado (as if I never left) and thought I'd share how I spent my time in Denver. I'd love to keep up with this idea as a series for "escaping" to different cities I happen to come across. So let's dive into Denver!

First step: lodging. There are tons of options to choose from; the Moxy hotel is pictured above in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Something about Moxy fulfills all of my aesthetic expectations. This hotel's placement is also near tons of my favorite places (restaurants and shopping mall); a bonus is that it's a very walkable area, so I can't complain!

Next up: food. Whether it's brunch, lunch, or dinner, the possibilities are nearly endless in the city. My all-time favorite for brunch is Syrup (pictured above), which is literally around the corner from the hotel. When I lived in Denver, it was almost a weekly tradition for me to dine in there. You've got to try one of their mimosa's. Literally, I have yet to find anywhere else who has made me a better one. 

Of course, you've gotta have some sort of entertainment. For me, that looks like hitting the mall where I can kill a couple of hours with no problem. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is my go-to. Thankfully I no longer live about 5 mins outside of this mall because that's embarrassingly where all of my money was going to. My favorite store inside to shop at is Aritzia; they've stolen my heart since their grand opening here back in 2019. They've got me hooked with all of their minimal clothing. The clothes just scream my personality, I want everything! 

Lastly, do some exploring. I would suggest going to a museum, checking out a local park; for me, I decided to walk around downtown in the 16th Street Mall area since there's a couple of stores you can pop into, food shops around, and you're able to easily do some people watching. There's definitely a ton more that you can do depending on the length of your stay so these are just a few ideas. I think I would've been more inclined to be a tourist if I was in a city I've never explored before, so I'll let you in on more next time!

P.S. I wanted to include a disclaimer about being as safe as possible during times like these with the rising of COVID-19 numbers. I traveled solo, so it was easier for me to be cautious and responsible for myself. Of course: always wear your mask, sanitize/wash your hands, and social distance as much as possible.