Get Summer Fresh with Vanity Planet

This post is sponsored by Vanity Planet but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Hey guys!

Now that summer is finally approaching, and I'm on my last week of my semester, it's time to get excited for the hottest season of the year. In addition, Vanity Planet would like to transform your beauty routine this summer!

Vanity Planet is a brand dedicated to bring you their best in skincare, haircare, and makeup, and helping women to embrace their beauty at an affordable price. 

Introducing the "Spin for Perfect Skin", a device made to give you a complete head to toe cleansing and exfoliation with the use of a single speed rotation and various tools. It's suitable for all skin types and allows you to clean your skin more efficiently rather than manual cleansing alone. 

Inside the package, you'll receive four different brush heads: a daily cleansing facial brush, an exfoliating facial brush, a body brush, a pumice stone; and you'll receive the battery powered "Spin for Perfect Skin" single speed, water resistant handle. Sadly, batteries are not included.

I was super pumped about the pumice stone because typically most cleansing devices I've purchased are always only for the face, never for your feet. This was an awesome benefit and Vanity Planet was surely right about being able to use this device head to toe.

Using the device is rather simple, just select a brush head you'd like to use, make sure to remove any makeup before hand to avoid staining the bristles on the brush head, dampen your skin with water, apply a cleanser directly to your skin or brush head and spin away! Also note, replacing the brush head at least every three months is recommended.

Want to grab your own "Spin for Perfect Skin"? Normally, they're sold for $100, but now they're only $35! Vanity Planet loves to offer deals to their customers, generally you can receive 15% off your total purchase and free shipping on orders over $60!

Let me know how you plan to transform your summer with Vanity Planet!



This post is sponsored by Vanity Planet but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.