Currently in London

Hey guys!

The title is right, I'm in London, England and I'm super stoked to keep you guys updated on my trip. So far I've only been here a couple a days and as usual I'm always rushing around and forgetting my camera. Well not today! Today I finally remembered to bring along my camera and I tried to take some shots of Big Ben (also known as Elizabeth Tower). 

I'm still working on adjusting to the time zone here, I'm typically a bit sluggish throughout the mornings because I'm always awake at night when I'm not supposed to be. 

I also need more ideas on what to do. I know it's crazy, it's London after all but lately I've been ending up on Oxford Street and for those of you who know, it's basically heaven for shopaholics. The Topshop flagship store is located there and I've probably already spent my rents' worth there because I love that store and we don't have one in Colorado.

I have a little over two weeks remaining so hopefully I'll think of some new sights to enjoy and share with you all. Stay tuned!