Hey everyone!

I'm still in New York and it's a blast. Sadly I don't have much longer here but it's nice to be anywhere else but Colorado for the holidays. 

For Christmas Eve, Jam and his uncle Pete took me to my first ever NFL game in Buffalo where the Bills were against the Dolphins for their last game in the season. It was an amazing experience and definitely one I will remember considering I was freezing my butt off.

Although my home team is the New York Giants, it was still nice to get out and experience the feel of being a fan for the moment. I wished I had my long shot lens with me so I'd be able to get much better quality pictures but hey, I tried my best for the first time!

I was a bit nervous being a "fake fan" due to the whole Bills Mafia but you can feel the excitement throughout the entire game. It was so exhilarating that I almost didn't know if I should jump around or attempt to remain calm for my own sanity.

I loved making new experiences in a new city, especially with someone special. I hope everyone is having a super duper Merry Christmas! <3