Oh What a Time to be Frugal!

There sure is a time for everything!

Before I jetted off for my vacation a few days ago, I did make sure to pop into my local Dollar General to pick up a few essentials for my dorm bathroom because you can never have too many Scott products in my case! 

I've been using Scott products for a long time it seems. I believe I picked up the habit from my mom since I had zero experience on what to purchase for a household/dorm room. During this trip I went down a different route. Usually I'd purchase Scott's extra soft toilet paper but this time I've decided to give the Scott 1000 a try. It's crazy how much toilet paper three girls can go through in a week, and there is a pretty good chance that I may end up with a roommate next semester so I wanted something that will last a bit longer for us without losing the great quality. I don't think Scott 1000 will fail!

I also have my moments where I can be very frugal. It wasn't a surprise that I instantly downloaded the Dollar General app for my phone where I was able to load coupons for my purchase! I was able to save $2 during my trip today which as a college student can definitely be helpful. Hey, that's an extra $2 for gas haha.

And to my surprise, I learned that Scott also makes paper towels! I did not hesitate to pick up a pack since it was included in my savings on the DG app. The more the merrier. I encourage everyone to stock up while they can at their local Dollar General because for a limited time, Dollar General will be having bonus packs on select Scott products and you can earn savings towards your purchase. 

In order to redeem your coupons first you'll have to sign up for the DG app, create an account and load the Scott coupons you'd like to use, and then visit your local Dollar General to redeem the coupons at checkout. But you'll surely have to hurry because the coupons are only valid now until December 31st but the bonus packs will be in store through the end of February 2016!

Get stocked up before the New Years and save in the mean time too!