It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas!

So last night Andrew and I decided to head downtown and take a break from prepping for finals because no one wants to be super stressed out during finals week. Especially not me! We took a stroll along the riverwalk and it was a good thing I had my camera with me because it was so pretty!

There were lights up nearly everywhere and sadly I wasn't able to catch them all considering that I was too busy just taking in the view for myself. I haven't been down to the riverwalk in a while because usually I feel as if I don't really have the time to explore off of my campus very often.

But it was a good I did! I could take this view in every night but it was freezing outside so our trip didn't really last long but it ended on a good note with some fresh baked pizza and lemonade because what's better than that? Now wish us luck during finals week!