5 Ways You Can Give Your Man A Makeover

Does your man–whether husband or boyfriend–spend most of his time wearing sports jerseys and jogging bottoms? While this is fine to sit around the house, wouldn’t it be nice if he could dress up once in a while when you go out? The answer is always a resounding Yes but this issue isn’t always his fault. If he works from home or as a laborer, he may not have enough nice clothes, so maybe you could help him by giving him a makeover. 

Figure Out His Style 

You need to figure out your man’s style before you start your noble quest of giving him a much-needed makeover. The best place to start is by thinking about which celebrities he admires and basing his style on them. Of course, some celeb styles are far too out there for your average man, but you can still encourage him to take inspiration from some of the most stylish outfits. Leather jackets and accessories are always excellent additions to any look, too. 

Buy Him Clothes 

If he won’t buy his clothes, you need to take the mantle for him. Whether his birthday is coming up or you want to get him something for the holidays, a trendy shirt is always a winner because it can go with anything. He can wear it by itself in the summer or match it with a plaid overshirt when the temperatures drop. 

Be Subtle 

Even though you want to transform his wardrobe, you don't want to be too obvious about it because that might make him self-conscious about his fashion choices. So, being subtle is a great way to encourage him to dress better. Rather than telling him he needs to upgrade his wardrobe, use the clothes you buy him to inspire him to pursue his style. You can also mention how nice some clothes look when you’re out shopping together and maybe encourage him to try them on. 

Encourage Better Grooming 

No one looks good with an unkempt beard or hair that lacks any discernible style. Often, better grooming is the key to a makeover and it can make anyone look good, regardless of what they are wearing. Purchasing a grooming essentials kit is the perfect first step toward making this makeover a success, and your partner can find a facial hair style that suits them, whether they prefer a thick beard, goatee, or mustache (or even no facial hair at all). 

Positive Reinforcement 

Positive reinforcement not only strengthens your relationship but also boosts your partner’s self-esteem, especially in a world where men often feel starved for compliments. It might sound like you’re training a pet, but encouraging your partner will make him feel more confident about whatever he’s wearing. Like proper grooming, confidence can also bolster any look, and you will have completed his makeover successfully, so well done! 

Made Over 

Giving your man a makeover can help him discover his style and make him proud to go out. You don’t need to transform his wardrobe, but a few simple signature pieces here and there can give him more variety when you’re getting ready to go out, whether you’re hitting the club or treating yourselves to a nice dinner.