Developing Your Infant's First Room

Welcoming your infant baby into the world can be the most important life milestone you’ve ever experienced, and will probably remain that way (unless you have another child, at least). You’ve waited for this moment for nine months, and now you’re finally here, to learn and grow as a parent as you care for a brand new human being.

A good place to start involves designing and preparing their first bedroom space, even if that’s just a corner of the master bedroom in your house. It’s good to make sure you have everything to hand here, because you’ll soon find out that the tiredness you feel as a new mother can make retroactively sourcing the right materials a heavy effort to deal with.

So, let’s discuss some basic tips you may find useful when developing your infant’s first room. With a little care and preparation, you free yourself time to focus on the actual parenting effort:

Making Space For Your Furniture

Even if you only have a little room for your child’s cot or crib, making space for it is important. If you can, it’s also important to make sure they sleep in the same room as you, at least for the first six months, and never in the same bed. A good walkspace around the crib and appropriate ventilation and temperature management is essential. Here you can select the best furniture for your nursery, with function, form, and style selected in that order. Making space for your children also means making space for yourself, by pre-selecting where you’ll store diapers, heaters for your milk bottles, or pillows to support feeding.

Securing The Room

It’s also important to make sure you secure your child’s bedroom well. Of course, they’re in safe hands with you, but an enthusiastic dog or curious cat that likes to sit in warm places can, unfortunately, cause damage despite not intending it. With a child-safety or pet gate, auto-shutting closers on the doors, and ventilation locks to make sure you keep the room safe in the midst of summer, you’ll feel even more secure with your lovely bundle of joy, and they’ll be more protected in your arms, too.

Perfecting The Environment & Ambience

It’s nice to have good ambiance within the space your infant will spend a good deal of time sleeping in. From implementing some false electronic candles, a nightlight, a mobile with small lights, or even some small speakers to play soothing music very gently, you can curate an ambiance that helps them feel safe and protected. Of course, it will also make the room more comfortable to occupy as you wake to their cries and attend to them night after night, sharing this task with your partner. Just be mindful when it comes to certain additions like adding incense or essential oil diffusers, because infants with growing lungs might not react to that in the best way.

With this advice, you’re sure to develop your infant’s first room in the best possible way.