What you Need for a Home Makeover

Interior design specialists suggest that we become bored with our spaces every three to five years, but that doesn’t mean you are inspired to do anything about it. If you are lacking inspiration for your home makeover, read on for some simple and affordable ideas. 

Improve your curb appeal 

You might have the perfect home on the inside, but how does it look from the curb? Sometimes homeowners forget about the external appeal of a property, which is a missed opportunity at best and potential lost profit at worst. But it’s easy to transform the exterior of your home.

Start with the front door! A front door is a very functional item, and most people don’t think about it, but front door style change with the times, and there’s a good chance your’s is outdated. Consider buying a modern front door or painting an existing one with one that suits your home. 

Paint accent walls 

If you don’t want to spend your entire weekend holding a paintbrush and roller, then consider painting an accent wall instead. An accent wall is a single painted wall that changes the atmosphere and dynamic of your space. It takes less time to paint and matches your mood. 

Accent walls are perfect for adapting your space to your current mood; that’s one reason they are often used to change the feel of the home every season. But you don’t have to wait until spring to get creative; simply consider what color scheme inspires you the most these days.  

Create a gallery wall 

If you have some wall space that looks a bit mundane, why not consider a gallery wall. A gallery wall is an entire wall dedicated to photos or artwork. So whether you want a wall that creates a life story or somewhere to put hard copies of your best social media posts, this is the place. 

A gallery wall is your chance to get creative and change the atmosphere of a room. It’s also a top makeover idea and gives you a talking point when it comes to nights in with friends. Start with your overall concept, then begin gathering the photos and frames that you want to use.  

Make your home green 

In recent years there has been a big shift to indoor plants and green themes. Indoor plants are the perfect way to bring some life into your home - especially if you don’t like pets. Indoor plants also aerate your space and help to improve the air quality; this is also energizing for you. 

If you’re serious about bringing plants into your home, then take a trip to the local garden center to browse the options. That said, it’s also a good idea to go prepared with the best plant options for your home project - these might include corn plants, snake plants, and spider plants.  

Replace and upcycle

Again, you don’t have to go overboard to transform your home; big changes can be made at a low cost. Consider upgrading your plumbing with Z PLUMBERZ of Greater Boston, you might also, visit the used furniture store to see if you can find something interesting for you to upcycle.