Escape to: Palm Springs

This was possibly the most colorful trip I've ever taken and as a neutrals girl, I can't even be mad at it. You all should know by now that I love California. From the Bay to San Diego, I've never met a city in California I didn't like. Most recently I decided to step away from the beach and city and hit the desert. Was the timing right? No, considering the temperatures were over 105+ degrees each day (is this normal??). Was it worth it? Absolutely!

First up, hotel check. I'm begging you to check into the Saguaro Palm Springs hotel. Probably the most colorful and cutest stay I've had in my life and I was not expecting to find it in the desert. This hotel instantly brightened up my day from the colorful walls, to the yummy tacos and margaritas at their in house restaurant El Jefe. Was not disappointed and would definitely do it again. 

If you have time (and a car), I suggest to make a drive to Niland, California (a little over 1 1/2 hours from Palm Springs) where you'd find Salvation Mountain. Whether you're a believer or just want to check out the beautiful artwork, I'd recommend the mini road trip. 

Now to stay in tune with the colorful spots directly in Palm Springs. I'd suggest checking out Robolights which is practically a sculpture display literally in the artist's backyard. It's huge and may take 45+ mins to truly observe and take in all of the "art". It's a free activity to do (donations are welcome) and a quirky experience!

Lastly, pictured above is an exhibit right outside the Palm Springs Art Museum. While I did attend the museum, there were some cool sculpture art nearby that were worth the walk around the block. I always find it fascinating to visit art museums in various cities, while this one was slightly on the smaller scale, the exhibits were unique and well put together. 

You'd be surprised how much there is to do in such a small city! If transportation is available to you, I'd highly recommend checking out Joshua Tree National Park, tons of local restaurants, and of course the amazing architecture that you can find throughout nearly every neighborhood. Seriously dreaming of my own desert oasis. Take my word and book your own mini desert vacay!