Enough Said.

If you were instantly uncomfortable or bothered just by scrolling towards this post, you're most likely a part of the problem, and it may be best for you to click the x on your browser. You won't be needed here.

As a young, black female, I'm no indifferent to those who have experienced racism in their lifetime. Obviously, I'm alive, breathing, and living, which I'm most certainly grateful for. I'm in no way trying to compare my experiences to others, but being a social influencer made me realize that I have a platform where I have a voice and the opportunity to educate people about these social injustices. I may not be the most popular, the most searched, or the most followed, but regardless, I'm here, and this is happening now.

This is my generation, and we're still going through problems that have been going on for as long as I've learned to read and write. Maybe it's not as forward, or you're not picking up on it because it's not as obvious, but please don't be oblivious: you've seen, and you've heard.

Being black is having to check what racism is like in a neighborhood you would like to live in, a country you would like to visit, a university you would want to go to, and the list goes on. If you think that's no big deal, your privilege is showing.

Being black is having a store associate follow you around while you do your shopping, questioned if you're lost while walking to your apartment complex, or simply being treated standoffish compared to your non-black peers in a social setting. If you think this is complaining, your privilege is showing again.

Being black is having guns drawn at you for a parking violation, for "matching a suspect," or let's just flat-out say it, for being black. And this is just keeping it lightly. Silence should not be an option, and if it is for you, you're ONCE AGAIN, showing your privilege.

Being black is straightening your hair for a job interview in hopes that you'll "fit in", not voicing your opinions as often to avoid portraying the "angry black woman" stereotype, trying nearly ten times as hard as your competition because you realize you may lose points based on your skin color.

This is a time to stand ground and speak out. This is a time for us, our generation, and our future. This is to strive for change, change that let's be real, it should've happened a long, LONG time ago. Let's stop making history repeat itself. This is not black vs white, this is everyone vs racism/corruption. Stay informed, stay vocal, and please remember to stay safe out there in this cold, angry world. 

In conclusion, I'm not saying that black lives matter more, but I am saying that they matter too.

Here are some ways in which you too can help make a change: