Life's a Fe(Breeze)!

*This post is sponsored by Febreze but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.*

Hey guys!

I'm finally finished with college! Can you believe it?  I took my last final exam today and I'm ready to see what life has in store for me. However; currently, life is telling me I need to get packing because I'm moving in a few weeks which means tons of cleaning and straightening up is left to do but I can't help but be excited.

Today's a little different because I'm going to be talking about how we (my roommates and I) maintained our home ambience and kept it smelling fresh daily using our favorite Febreze scented plug ins.

Since living on my own these past four years, making my home as home-y as possible has always been my goal. Currently I live with three other girls as my roommates/close friends in a cozy townhome outside of our college campus so keeping the home clean and smelling fresh is generally a daily chore.

Our favorite hang out spot is the kitchen, here is where we have a lot of our meals, girly conversations, and study sessions all in one. If it's not smelling like cookies, it's most likely smelling like one of our favorite Febreze scents (currently Mediterranean Lavender). Unlike others plug-ins which fade fast, these are our go-to's due to the fact that they last super long which means we don't have to replace them often, typically every 45 days if we keep them on the lowest setting and they keep our home smelling so fresh that even the maintenance guy had to ask us how we do it.

That's one of the biggest upsides because having an odor free home is very important to us. These work so good that you would almost never know that Brooklyn the not so little goldendoodle puppy lives with us as well when you first walk in! And the best part, no need to spritz and spray your entire home, these warmers can freshen up an entire room with freshness that lasts up to 1200 hours.

For a limited time only these Febreze plug in scents are available at your local Sam's Club. You can get a value pack of two warmers and 4 refill scents available for just $14.98. This saves you time and money and as college students, we are always grateful for this steal. You'll also have four amazing scents to choose from, whether is Mediterranean Lavender, Linen & Sky, Gain Original Scent, and Hawaiian Aloha.

Check out your local Sam's Club soon and let me know which scent is your favorite!



*This post is sponsored by Febreze but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.*