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Make Fetch Happen

*This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the contents and opinions expressed here are my own*

Woof guys!

I guess that would be Brooklyn's way of saying hello to everyone. I'll take a step back as he has some sharing to do this time around. Currently still in his puppy phase, Brooklyn has a serious love for all things toys. It encourages his super bubbly personality to want to play with literally every and anything that looks like fun. 

This is where Chuckit! comes into play, literally. I find it really important to have some time of the day to dedicate to relaxing and/or having fun. For Brooklyn, there never seems to be enough time as he seems to have an endless amount of energy. Today, I introduced him to a couple of new toys from Chuckit!

Chuckit! is a brand surrounded by the idea of making fetch happen. Brooklyn hasn't fully digested the concept of fetch but he's picking up fast. I love taking him to play outdoors as it encourages him to exercise which is a great way to keep him in shape and can reduce any future health problems, even for a pup.

He definitely had a hard time choosing between the fetch flight and rugged fetch wheel. With these Chuckit! toys in particular, they made things a lot easier whether they were gentle on his gums and overall easier for Brooklyn to grab and play with, with his puppy teeth still in tact!

Wanna know something else? Chuckit! is hosting a super fun giveaway to one lucky doggy/owner. you can win 3 AWESOME new fetch toys! To enter, follow @chuckitfetchgames on Instagram then post a selfie with your pup on Facebook or Instagram tagging @chuckitfetchgames



*This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the contents and opinions expressed here are my own*

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