Meet Brooklyn the Goldendoodle

Hey guys!

I bet you're trying to figure out who this ball of fluff is, well here's the secret that wasn't too secret but I tried my best to save for this month. This is my puppy, Brooklyn! He's a goldendoodle (golden retriever and poodle mix) that I adopted from a local breeder here in Colorado. I'm super excited because this is a pretty big step for me considering it's almost like starting my own little family. I'm no longer responsible for just myself and I'm ok with that. 

Here's to getting to know Brooklyn. He's an F1B goldendoodle which means he's 3/4 poodle and 1/4 golden retriever. He'll be medium/standard size when he reaches adulthood so don't let that little face fool you, he's gonna be a big boy. As of right now, he's currently registered as an emotional support animal but maybe one day he can start training to become a service dog. He's super duper playful once he got past his shy phase upon meeting me. A little stubborn for right now because he's so playful but soon he'll be enrolled in puppy school to become a good boy!

If you want to keep up with his growth, adventures, and overall cuteness, I made him an Instagram page where I'll try my best to keep updated and of course I'll post more on the blog as time goes on. You can follow him @bkthedood to say hi!