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And it feels so good!

Its been a long time. Way too long. I can't believe I haven't posted much all year. Too much stress and way too many distractions. But for the most part, I can say I'm back and I'm ready to get back on a roll. There's been so much that this blog has missed out on but no need to dwell on the past because we have some exciting things to look forward to.

The Fall semester is finally over and we're heading into the second week of December which means the holidays are steadily approaching, I'm moving (exciting post that'll be coming up within the next few weeks), and tons of new ideas, products (lots of new favorite goods I've obtained throughout the year), and whatever else I can think of to share.

I almost feel as if I've forgotten how to blog. I promise I'll get the hang of it once again and I don't wanna make excuses this time around so look forward to a new post by the end of next week!