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Sephora Favorites

So today, I wanted to take it back a little old school!

You guys probably remember my Sephora favorites post from last year around this time. Generally I would've preferred to do one every season since it's one of my favorite stores, but since I'm reintroducing myself late in the year, this will have to do. 

Today I wanted to share with you guys some products that I introduced to myself this year (with the exception of one staple). As usual, I'm always open to suggestions for new products to try or any dupes for sure!

1. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation
  • Foundations have always been my hardest battle. Usually, I can never find my perfect shade, consistency, or a fair price. I kinda was into the hype behind Fenty Beauty because the price point was reasonable and the shade range was ridiculous (I thought they'd be no way I couldn't be matched almost perfectly). One thing I was iffy about was that it was created by a celebrity. I tend to stray away from celebrity made or endorsed products because I feel like they tend to attach their names to products without much effort into the actual product but I've gotta say Rihanna outdid herself. Although the color is nearly spot on perfect for me (I went from a shade 400 that I matched myself incorrectly, then to 380 which was matched for me, then I tried mixing 380 and 370 but there wasn't a major difference so I've stuck with 380), it's still not 100%. The consistency is a bit more runny and I feel like I end up using way more product since it is a buildable coverage foundation. When applying, I feel that using my beautyblender seems to work best but also seems to waste a lot of my product since it is a bit more runny. The price point of only $34 is definitely a lot better than when I was using the Make Up For Ever foundations which ranged $40 to nearly $50. Overall I still like the foundation and it is a good matte coverage for my oily skin although I still tend to get oily throughout the day but that's just my skin for you. 
2. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
  • I've always wanted a naked palette even though I'm not big on applying eyeshadow. They've just always been SO pretty. I've especially loved the naked 3 palette but never got my hands on it. When they released the heat, I thought I had to get my hands on this due to the colors being amber ranged which more suited my skin complexion. So far I've used quite a bit of the colors and I've really liked them. It's not really an everyday palette for me but I can probably make it one, I'm still in the process of getting used to applying eyeshadows.
3. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Suncreen SPF 15
  • Ever since I received the free Fresh birthday gift set from Sephora a couple of years back, I've been obsessed with their lip balms ever since but always thought $24 was a bit much to splurge on a lip balm. Well I finally gave in and bought the original because I thought I couldn't go wrong and I'm in love! A little goes such a long way with this and it's definitely a nice soft application when using. I can wear it by itself or under matte lipstick and it generally lasts a few hours before I feel the need of applying some more. I'm still not comfortable saying it's worth the $24 but it's definitely worth trying.
4. Boscia Peppermint Blotting Linens
  • I literally cannot go anywhere without blotting linens. These are a staple that I must have on me or around at all times. I generally like the Boscia ones because the sheets tend to be larger and the peppermint editions are always limited and released around the winter time at a lower price point (this season they are $7) compared to the $10 I generally spend on the charcoal, green tea, or clear complexion ones. 
5. Viktor & Rolf BONBON
  • This was another purchase that I made on a whim under the influence of the hype haha. I've heard such great things about Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb but I can't recall actually smelling the perfume. I tried looking for this in stores because I love smelling perfumes before buying obviously but I could not find it anywhere so with the help of reviews, I decided to make the purchase anyway. Upon receiving it, I was expecting more caramel notes but for some reason it smells more floral-y to me. I purchased the 3oz size which I don't regret but I definitely was expecting more of a candy scented fragrance but I won't complain because it still smells pretty good and would mostly be my new scent for 2018.
Stay tuned for more updates!




  1. I've heard great things Victor & Rolf but haven't tried them myself either. I'm not a make up person so tend to stick to lipglosses and my Clinique Barely There lipgloss is a must have!

    1. I'm still in the phase of secretly avoiding lipglosses but maybe I'll break that and try something new one day!