I Spy

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been delayed with my updates. Don't worry, I have a couple more in the making before I head back to Colorado. Last week, I took a trip to visit the Buckingham Palace, for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the home of the Queen!

It was a bit crowded in this area with tourists, including myself, but it was a nice sight to see and walk around. I will never be able to get over how amazing London's architecture is. It's seriously a sight you have to witness in person to be able to understand.

That same day I took a stroll through St. James park which was so luscious with trees and greenery. There were even tons of local ducks along with the stroll. I was able to cross a bridge in the middle of the park where I was able to capture this picture of the greenery and if you look closely you can even spot the London Eye on the right. 

So far I've been enjoying my stay here, of course the recent terror attacks have been having me on guard but I've been safe and cautious so far. I'll be updating again soon!