The Overalls

Overalls: Zara | Lipstick: M.A.C. | Phone Charger: Urban Outfitters | Headband: H&M

Summer is sadly coming to an end and I'm sorry for not posting this post sooner! I thought I had it scheduled but boy was I wrong. Typical me haha.

I have a few plans for posts in the next upcoming weeks. It almost slipped my mind but I'm back and ready!

I can't believe the nights and sometimes the mornings here are already getting pretty cold. Sooner or later it'll be sweater weather again but that doesn't mean we can't still wear our cute shorts and crop tops till then, or in this case, overalls.

Zara Short Denim Dungarees

This was my first pair of overalls (or short-alls) I've purchased and worn since I could remember. It did make me feel a little odd at first but after awhile I placed that thought to the back of my mind and had fun with it. Not sure if I'm ready to invest in another pair but it sort of reminds me of a romper, only denim.

I'm still here taking fashion risks and you should too. Life is way too short to be boring!