Lush Obsession! II

My journey is continued!

Due to my falling in love with Lush's wonderful fresh face masks, I'm now on a journey to try them all! Last month I literally had the best experience ever with trying the cupcake and cosmetic warrior face masks. If I had to pick a favorite out of the two it would probably be cosmetic warrior. My face has cleared up a lot ever since and I would have tried these beauties a lot sooner if I would have known! Now this post is not "sponsored" so it's not my duty to convince you to head on over to Lush but I do highly recommend from the bottom of my heart that you won't be disappointed if you do.

Here we have the love lettuce mask. When I put this one on I like to think of myself as the hulk haha. It's an awesome exfoliator using ground almonds instead of those weird micro plastic beads in most masks. I love to use this one right before bed with its calming lavender oil. It's also great for oily skin which shows up pretty commonly on my combination skin. So far with trying all of the face masks, my sensitive skin has been pretty tolerant so no worries there!

I was super excited to pick up this mask because it was sold out on my initial trip to Lush. What's really got me hooked on it is the fact that it contains blueberries! I absolutely love blueberries but have never tried them on my face but so far they're nice! 

I'll definitely have to use up another weekend to head on over to Lush to grab a couple more fresh face masks once these two are out. I'm still debating what to try next but I surely can't wait!