Tie-Dye Fun!

Hey you guys!

It's Friday and it's the perfect day to make summer tie-dye shirts! Andrew and I picked up a tie-dye kit earlier this week at Michael's and have been waiting for the perfect day to get started. I'm super new with tie-dye so I'm more interested in the fun and not for so much for the perfect shirt result.

For my shirt I decided to use a short mock turtleneck top that I found in H&M. I didn't want to use those super oversized basic shirts because I don't find them very flattering and I would actually like to wear my shirt haha!

Luckily enough, the kit that we purchased came with a small pamphlet of tie-dye pattern ideas to choose from with step by step instructions. I was really interested in doing the "bullseye" pattern because it seemed simple enough for my newbie skills. As you can see in the picture above, I only had to separate my shirt into three sections by two rubberbands and got to dying right away!

Andrew thinks that my result sort of turned out to look a little bit like the Colorado flag which is not what I was aiming for but hey, it can be my story. I must not have done the greatest job with saturating my pink dye because I had tons of leftover white splotches. Overall I had fun and now I have a cute tie-dye shirt to add to my wardrobe.

It's a simple summer activity that you can do with friends or family! Even my little sister made her own shirt (with lots of my help). Summer isn't over yet, enjoy it while it lasts! :)