Eh, it's Monday and I'm not totally excited about anything at the moment. I hate boring you readers about my boring days. I'm so sorry!

At the moment I'm in school (don't worry I'm finished with my work) and I'm researching everything that's going on at the moment during NYC Fashion Week. So far from what I've seen, the Spring 2014 fashion lines are top notch and elegant. I'm so upset that I can't physically be there since I've never attended before. Ugh! :(

Guess who was spotted and got a spot on Street Style: New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 (Vogue). Chanel Iman! She is such a beauty, I'm jealous. I adore her height! Sporting a Supreme shirt she strides in pride. #Legsformiles

Maybe next year I can participate. Wouldn't that be fun!