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July 20, 2013

Day 19 - NYC

One of the best days everrrr!

OMG so today I had the best shopping experience known to mankind and I'm so happy (probably because I'm a serious shopaholic). Anyways...I've come across the most amazing deals today at my favorite department store (Century 21)! 

Ok so the first deal (not the best one) is a cute MICHAEL Michael Kors bag. I've always wanted one, slightly bigger but the price is what made me realize...I've got to have this. It's only valued at $98 but it was reduced to $59.97 then it had a "Pay 1/2 Price" sticker on it so I only paid 29.99 for this cutie. I'll most likely use this for the fall/winter since it comes off to me as a Christmas bag due to the color and sequins.

Now for the best deal ever! This is a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. I've always wanted a bag from this designer but never can save up enough money for one. I found this in a rack of other sunglasses all alone at the bottom where I decided to grab them to try them on. The size stood out to me because they're huge and can barely fit on my face. Next, I checked the price. It's valued at $325 but was reduced to $99.97 and the best part was...there was a "take 90% off our price" sticker on it. That's when I looked at the designer and I saw Marc Jacobs. Yes people, Marc Jacobs sunglasses for $10! Absolutely amazing! I also had a few other deals but these were my favorites.

Later on I went out to Bento Sushi to have the most delicious California roll ever for lunch! At such a reasonable price too. They only charged me $5.95. My cheapest find for sushi so far since I've been eating sushi.

Next stop, Georgetown Cupcake shop in SoHo where I had the most amazing red velvet cupcake. When I say amazing...this was just...OMG! As you can see, the cream cheese frosting was so thick and creamy and was perfectly layered on the cupcake. It was a bit too sweet since I don't usually eat much sweets, especially the frosting. I could honestly say I highly doubt it's healthy to eat more than one cupcake but it's definitely yummy at only $2.75 for one! That may sound pricey but it was definitely worth it.

Now time to sit back and relax for awhile before I eventually come to maxing out my credit card.




  1. That's a really nice sunglasses. I would not have passed it over for that price either. Great deals! Hope you got me something! :)

  2. Yum, I would have taken the cupcake off your hands =) You sight is quite pretty and I'm going to add you to my Bloglovin' list! Amanda pointed me in your direction, have a great weekend =)


    1. Yes the cupcake was yummy and why thank you! Same to you.