What You Can Do to Keep Connected in Long Distance Friendships

It’s wild to think that one of the few methods of talking to long-distance friendships, family, and relationships was either a long-distance phone call or having to send each other letters that would take days or even months to reach. Nowadays, it’s as simple as a click of a button to talk to the ones that we love, the ones we’re close to. Nowadays, there’s FaceTime and social media, and there are even activities you can do together, like having a Netflix watch party

You can be in entirely two different locations while at the same time still having some quality time together. In all honestly, it’s super special, and it feels super special too. So, with that said, what all can you do to keep connected in these long-distance friendships and relationships? Well, here’s what you need to know!

Virtual Move Nights

As mentioned above, one thing that got huge during COVID was watch parties. It gave people a chance within the comfort of their own homes to relax and watch something with loved ones and friends. It’s still super prevalent, and it’s still a great way to keep connected, even now. Basically, all this means is that you can choose a movie or TV series to watch together and use streaming platforms or video conferencing tools to sync your viewing. You can share your thoughts and reactions in real time, just like you would if you were sitting on the same couch. Honestly, it’s going to be up to you which platform you use or if you even choose to use a platform at all. 

Video Games

Whether it’s classic video games or even board games that have now been digitized, these are both honestly super great. You have MMOs nowadays, and there are even mobile-based online games that you can play with friends. There are plenty of video games on Steam, but there are probably other platforms you could even look into as well, especially if you’re wanting something slow, such as puzzles or trivia. But in general, this could be a fun family night from a distance or even quality time with buddies from a distance, too. 

Do Crafting or Baking Together

You both can technically sit at a desk and craft together while on a call or even both be at the kitchen counters cooking while chit-chatting, too. You both could try a DIY craft together or even the same recipe at the same time. In general, just the whole point is doing something together, and sure, watching shows and playing video games can be nice, but there is something so special about doing other activities together, something that’s actually productive. You both could even eat together, such as lunch or dinner. 

Plan Visits

When it comes to any relationship, friendship, family, love, whatever, there needs to be visits. How long is this LDR going to be? Is it forever? Is it temporary? For a lot of people, even if you’re connected and talking every day, it’s still not the same as physically seeing each other. So whether it’s booking a plane ticket or even a train ticket, be sure to look into this.