Black History Month

"We need a longer month" - Whitney Houston

As a matter of fact, it's black history year. But let's get down to business. If you recall my post "Enough Said" back in May of last year, you may remember me taking a stance and speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement and ways we can help make a change.

I know the "hype" may have died down these past few months, and the news is no longer trending; however, that doesn't mean we've stopped fighting for justice or change around here. It also doesn't mean we should stop supporting as well. With that being said, I hope that we can continue to support black businesses, creators, and lives all 24/7, 365 days a year, not just this month. 

For this quick post, I wanted to share some of my personal favorite (or heard of) black-owned brands, creators, and the whole shebang that you should check out. I'm also always looking for recommendations to support, so if you know of any, please be sure to let me know!

Also, be sure to check out your own local black owned restaurants, boutiques, etc., within your city. You'd be surprised what you'll find. A quick google search can open you up to new favorites and hidden gems that you maybe would've never stumbled across otherwise!



Image via Pantone