24 Hours, Getaway Edition

Camping, but make it modern, please. I've been anticipating my Getaway reservation for so long, and it finally happened this week! If you haven't seen these minimal modern cabins on your IG feed, please refresh. Calling all my introverted, anti-social girlies because this is the place for you. 

To catch you up to speed, Getaway provides tiny cabin rentals nestled out in the middle of nature (away from the city). I'm currently residing in Portland, OR, and it turns out they had an "Escape from Portland" option located in Glenwood, WA, approximately two hours away, so of course, I booked right away. 

I can't speak for all the cabins, so I'll mainly be referencing my stay at the Mount Adams outpost. There was no service or wifi (for miles), so this is truly a getaway for you to unwind and become one with your surroundings. Since it was my first visit, I felt more comfortable bringing someone along with me, so I brought my bf (let me not get started on how he had to save my life). The drive was scenic and oh so beautiful; I'll for sure be heading that way again to stop off at the viewpoints we missed.

Once arriving, I immediately fell in love with the view (the big window by the bed is everything). I was also shocked by how useful this "tiny" cabin was. You have a designated sleeping area, living/dining corner, kitchenette, bathroom (toilet + shower) all under one roof. You'll even come stocked with dinnerware, utensils, cookware, and some provisions for purchase. Outside you'll find a picnic area,  chairs, and a fire pit/grill grate.  

Call it a how-to: self-care part two because this secluded trip is much needed! Right outside the outpost, there was a beautiful view of Mount Adams. Within the outpost, it was cozy vibes all around. With about 40 cabins total, you may run into some neighbors walking around and can even peep their cabins nearby, but it was so peaceful I was literally able to hear the wind whistling through the trees from the inside of our cabin. 

Would I book again? Hell yes! Was it worth the money? Duh! Already dreaming about my next visit. Check out the Getaway website to see if there is an escape near you!