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November 30, 2015


It's that time of the year again!

Sadly my Thanksgiving break is over, it's the last day of November and I'm back on my university campus getting prepared for finals. I was shocked to arrive back to see snow here in Pueblo which is sort of rare considering that it's usually a lot warmer here than in Colorado Springs where my home is so I guess it's safe to say that winter is very close.

Well that just means that it's now time to break out the UGG boots, knitted sweaters and leggings, and set up my laptop for Netflix while sipping hot cups of coffee while I wait for these last two weeks to go by before winter break!

Bring it on!



November 28, 2015

Clean Up

So I happened to be messing around with my template today and made a few mistakes which led to a minor clean up. So far I was able to reduce some of the content that I felt was bombarding the blog and I'm hoping to have some revolutionary changes coming soon once I'm actually able to get back on track. Hope you guys don't mind! I hope to get posting again soon!



November 26, 2015

Eat Up!

November 25, 2015

It's Getting Cold Outside!

Yes, this is coming to you live from my home here in Colorado Springs! 

It's getting colder by the day which means sooner rather than later all of the fun will be happening indoors. However, this doesn't mean that life is over and you certainly don't have to be bored out of your mind this winter!

I'm sure at some point in our lives we've been eager to binge watch some of our favorite shows but realized that we didn't necessarily want to spend some extra cash paying for a streaming subscription service, and we definitely didn't want to wait week after week just for one episode! Or is that only me? 

Well that's about to change with NBC's new idea of TVEverywhere. Watching your favorite NBC TV shows are about to get a lot easier. All you have to do grab your laptop, maybe even a hot cup of coffee and a cozy blanket, find your favorite TV show and press play! 

Full episodes are available the day after they air and you're also given the option to live stream some of your local NBC stations in select markets. The greatest part of all is that with NBC's TVEverywhere, you don't need a TV provider login (or a TV!). But, if you do have a TV provider login, you'll be able to access the latest episodes of ALL NBC shows the day after they air on TV which is a huge bonus, but if you don't, it's ok, you'll still be able unlock new episodes 8 days after they've aired on TV.

Lately, I've been catching up on The Voice because I'm all about the competition, the vocals, and it's pretty funny to watch the celebrity coaches. But you can catch up on some of your favorite NBC shows also, such as The BlacklistHeroes RebornChicago FireChicago Med, and Chicago PD!

So forget about hitting record on that little box (whatever it's called!) next to your TV and enjoy the warmth of your bed for a few hours while watching one of NBC's awesome shows! 



November 17, 2015

Black Friday Prep!

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Black Friday because it tends to bring out the worst in people, however, I am a huge fan of sales! Since Black Friday is approaching pretty soon, I figured I'd start scouting around online for dibs on any upcoming sales so that I can shop from the comfort of my home rather than with the chaos in stores. Weirdly enough, most retailers have already published their ads, and some have even started their sales super early. I'm in definite need of vamping up my winter wardrobe so I'm on the hunt for sweaters, scarves, and anything cozy. Below I'll be listing a few previews of already announced Black Friday offers at some of my favorite stores! 



November 15, 2015


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November 9, 2015

Fall/Winter Wishlist!

Now that the seasons are finally catching up here in Colorado, it's about that time to evaluate a new wardrobe update. I've been eyeing tons of products that would be great for the transition of fall and winter and I'm willing to share a few along the way! From comfy chunky knits to super cute handbags. I want it all!

Marc by Marc Jacobs and MCM
Aren't these the cutest crossbody bags ever? I practically live for crossbody bags as they're generally my go to when it comes to handbags. I've noticed the trend of miniature backpacks certainly coming to play lately and I'm practically hooked. I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Domo Cross Biker and at only $248 it's not an outrageous investment however, the MCM Bebe Boo Backpack is to die for, not to mention that the price can certainly kill my wallet at $1450. 

UGG Australia and Hunter
It's nearly impossible for me to complete a winter season without a pair of UGGs. They're super cozy and keep my feet warm all day in any amount of snow. Although they are pretty common, you cannot go wrong with a pair of classic UGG Classic Tall boots and at $195 it's totally worth it because they basically last until you're ready for a new pair. Whether mini, short or tall, they all get the job done and that's keeping your feet comfy, trust me I've tried them all. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots are also very iconic because they tend to be worn basically all year. You can spoof them up this fall/winter with a pair of cozy boot socks and you're good to go. They're a bit cheaper than UGGs at only $150 but they can handle rain, snow, mud, and more!

H&M and Topshop
Fall and winter would not be complete without sweaters. It's sweater weather for a reason! The H&M Knit Sweater is basically a steal at only $19.99 (I may just have to order it myself ASAP). I love the natural color and the pattern. The Topshop Stripe Knit Jumper By Boutique is a lot pricey in comparison at $135 but by the looks of it, it seems fluffier and warmer and has an alpaca blend.

Now, I'm not looking forward to freezing this season but I still can't wait to do some major shopping that is very much needed this time around! 

What do you all think?



November 1, 2015


I don't necessarily want this to be a rant but I am deeply upset with myself when it comes to blogging. I've been passionate about blogging for years, even before this particular blog's time and I know that I promised back in July that I'll be more active but it has really become a lot harder to manage college and blogging, however, I don't want that to be an excuse for not blogging as often as I'd hope. I think about my blog on a daily basis and I would like to get back to the days where I was able to post daily. I'm hoping that time will come sooner than later and hopefully you all will stick around to see the day! I'll be trying my best for sure so stay tuned!